Lactation Network

I am contracted with Lactation Network to provide lactation services to pre-approved clients for the plans below. If your lactation care has been pre-approved by Lactation Network, you will receive up to 3 home visits with no out of pocket expense to you except for a travel fee if you are located outside of my base travel area.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Horizon BCBS, Anthem BCBS and out of state BCBS plans

  • Cigna PPO

  • Some United Healthcare plans

Lactation Network handles all insurance billing on your behalf so that we can focus on you.


I am in-network with Aetna, which means I will submit your fees for Aetna’s consideration.

  • Most Aetna plans provide families with up to six lactation consultations in the first year

  • No out of pocket expense–no copay or deductible for most Aetna plans

  • Travel fee applies if you are located outside base travel area

You are responsible for providing me with accurate insurance information and informing me of any changes in your insurance status; if you do not have coverage at the time I see you, you will be responsible to pay me at my self-pay rate.


If you are not covered by Aetna or did not receive coverage approval from Lactation Network, you will need to pay out of pocket for your appointment. Payment is due at the time of service. However, we can provide a superbill for our clients to seek reimbursement from their plans. Reimbursement is carrier dependent and is not guaranteed.

All forms of payment (cash, check, credit card) are accepted including HSA and FSA cards.

If you have financial challenges, please contact me to discuss your situation. There is almost always a creative way to work it out, such as a payment plan or a reduced rate. Please do not let finances deter you from reaching your breastfeeding goals.

Let’s get started!