All patients must complete a health screen prior to your appointment. The Covid-19 Health Screening Form will be emailed to you prior to your appointment. Please complete the form before your lactation consultant arrives.

We are taking the following measures to ensure proper social distancing at your lactation visit:

  • Your lactation consultant will be wearing a mask upon arrival at your home. Please wear a mask if 6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained in your home.
  • We request that you limit the number of people present during the visit to the parents and baby only.
  • Normal infection control procedures will be followed by your lactation consultant including hand washing, hand sanitizer, and gloved hands during examinations. 

A telehealth lactation visit will be required or your appointment will be rescheduled if you or your household develop symptoms of illness prior to your appointment.

Your lactation consultant is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. In the event of illness, your appointment will be via telehealth or rescheduled. Cancellation fees do not apply when canceled due to illness.